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2005-05-10 - 11:48 p.m.
crispy critter

Fried around the edges am I.

I need some time away from work. It's not like the pre therapy days, where I was ready to go postal. I'm just feeling a little burned out. I need a couple of days REALLY away. No calls, no VPN, no emails, no work problems. I'm not asking for the world, I'm just saying I need a couple of days where everyone ELSE can handle things. It would do me a world of good...I'm making stupid mistakes and being forgetful.

I'm also all stewing about my parents' move. It's been freaking my dad most men of his era, he doesn't deal well with those ooshy gooshy FEEEEEEELINGS. He used to stuff them by drinking. But that hasn't been an option for nearly ten years, since the godawful liver problems. To his credit, he quit. Boom. However, he did it with no help, no support groups, no therapy. So the issues are still there. And apparently the issues are coming home to roost as he packs up the last 30+ years of his life. So much so that he actually went to the dr. Who put him on that common anti anxiety med that begins with an X. He sounds much better today.

Nevertheless, I've been stewing about that all week. They close on the house thursday, load out on friday, and they will leave town on sunday. It will be weird to have them a thousand miles away. But it's the same as when I moved to KS. And when I moved to KS, we didn't have IM and email and digital photos.

So in mom's cleaning out of stuff, she came across a suitcase with some old clothes. Her wedding dress (could NOT have been plainer. Really. knee length. white. small bow on the back). A couple of old bridesmaids dresses. Two Little Black Dresses. One of which my friend J is going to wear to our station function this friday. That sucker is 40 years old if it's a day. And PERFECT. And fits her perfectly. We were all so excited and girly over it.

I, on the other hand, have nothing to wear, as nothing fits me anymore. Nice, huh?

Cut out of work early to hit the nursery so I could get my herbs. Had never been to this particular place, and it was AWESOME. I am going back. Today I bought my herbs, and my tomatoes, and some flowers. Going back later for more flowers. Can't wait till the herbs really kick in. Lemon Basil! How cool is that?

Official invite to family reunion on Lawnguyland came via email. Husband said with a sigh, "I've never been to a family reunion where Mass was part of it". I explained that he has never been to a family reunion where one of the members was a priest. I don't know these people, but I am very much looking forward to meeting some people, and re-meeting others. We found a room not too terribly far away, and not too terribly expensive. We are probably going to drive and not fly, as airline tix have doubled since I first checked prices. We do ok on road trips, so it should be ok.

And with that, I should really hit the sack.

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LA - 2005-05-11 07:41:36
Yup, sounds like you need some downtime. Hope there is some to be found. I considered growing herbs, but I don't cook with them too often. I'm more of a McCormick little spice jars with shaker tops kind of chick. That and Mike has a no-salt blood pressure diet so we use A LOT of Mrs Dash. What's your fave recipe using fresh herbs? Always looking for something new to add to our boring limited menu. ~LA
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