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2005-05-06 - 7:26 p.m.
HAhAHA. Good one.

This will make the ladies laugh.

I've been yammering about how much I CANNOT STAND those disgusting and vile shower doors in our bathroom. I expressed my disgust to Husband, stating that I wanted to take them out and put up a curtain.

In true man style, he was against it. (why do the littlest changes send them into tizzys?) He didn't understand why I hate the thing.

"Because it is filthy and impossible to clean".

"I'll clean it".

OK. Everyone laugh now.


OK. Residual giggles.


When it comes to pitching in, Husband is great. Today was the first time I've been in a grocery store in MONTHS. He vacuums. He cleans up after dinner.

But as I was scrubbing that damn door WITH AN OLD TOOTHBRUSH, I knew he would never get to that level of "I'll clean it". Nor would he have taken the preliminary step of loosening the crud by jamming paper towels soaked in vinegar in the tracks.

Yeah. The door has GOT to go. I want nothing in my house that requires cleaning with an old toothbrush.

I think I might have accidentally broken it, anyway.


God, today couldn't have been over fast enough. From jump I was my own worst enemy. TWICE, TWICE, I tell ya, I found that something yet to air was missing because I was a moron and deleted it. Had to use a backup for Fresh Air because I was a moron YESTERDAY, and messed up the cut in the automation by clicking the wrong button. I just kept messing up and messing up.

Now, all the probs are solved, and we are set, but sheesh. Stop me before I make radio again!

One of the problems got solved because of my awesome husband who was able to download two files from the web and convert them to mp3 so I could get them and convert to wavs to put in the automation. I don't have the ability to play a RA file through any kind of system that will let me put it in a form I can use on the radio. Husband can, and saved my heinie.

But I still don't want the shower doors.

Managed to get out early and went to the grocery. We have a busy day tomorrow, and are having my parents for dinner. (they move next weekend) So I bought the fixins for dinner. Going to grill pork loin (marinating as we speak), have some sweet corn and sauteed cabbage. I'll make apple crisp for dinner.

So the kitchen is mostly clean--Husband will be in there tomorrow trimming out the ceiling work, and maybe painting, so it will need to be cleaned again tomorrow. Bathroom is clean, save vacuuming, and the dining room and living room Should be presentable without too much trouble. So I'm feeling ok about where I stand housekeeping-wise

And I am SO sleeping in tomorrow.

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Pandi - 2005-05-09 13:05:58
I guess you unlocked?
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