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2005-05-03 - 4:11 p.m.
Broke Ass

No, no, not broke ass as in poor, broke ass as in "I broke my ass".


Apparently I am carrying a wider load than I thought. Yesterday I was working in the equipment room, doing operations manager stuff, when in my hurry to DO IT NOW, I whammed my economy size ass RIGHT into the POINTY METAL keyboard drawer that was sticking out of the automation rack.

OW OW OWIE OW. I have a two inch long CUT on my heinie. I'm lucky I didn't tear my black they are about the only pants I wear any more. it was all I could do to not walk around holding my butt for the next hour. It STILL hurts.

Yeah. I'm the epitome of graceful womanhood.

Shut up.

Debating if I should unlock or not. I like the occasional new reader who finds me on a drive by, but I also know that I write stuff that would hurt feelings or get me in trouble, neither one of which I really want to do.

So here we are in May, and we're all running our freaking furnaces because it's going to be 30 damn degrees again tonight. Waaah. And here's what will happen: it'll be nice for about a week, then we'll have 80 degrees with 80% humidity, then winter will be here.

Cheery, ain't I?

Parents are packing up for the big move to FL. Which means they are de-crapifying. Can be a good thing...I got myself a buttload of candles, some silver pieces that belonged to my grams, and a nightstand. There's more to come later, I am sure. But I'm trying to be careful and take only things I can use or have a place for....not just taking stuff to take it. I AM a sentimental person, and very much like having Family Things. But really...I have enough stuff.

Husband put up the ceiling over the weekend. Looks great, and is ready for trim and paint. Woo hoo! Will have to take pix. Too bad I didn't have my camera before he got started....the before and after are amazing.


2 comments so far
Pandi - 2005-05-03 17:35:24
Reminds me of Monty Python..."OW! Me BUM!"
LA - 2005-05-03 20:22:33
Well if your boss ever doubts your contributions you can truthfully say, "I busted my ass here!" When, when, when are coming east? I'm all a' dither to see you. ~LA
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