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2005-04-30 - 1:09 p.m.
This Old House

I'm thinkin' we may have planned too much for today, but oh well.

Parents are moving in two weeks. So they are frantically packing and giving away and pitching and goodwilling. Aunt and Uncle are coming from MI to claim the kitchen table and chairs, and Husband and I will head over later to claim a few things...nightstand, knicknacks, etc.

HOWEVER, this is also Ceiling Weekend. Husband is doing the kitchen ceiling. AND I have girly lunch with friend J. So there's a lot going on, and I probably should have rescheduled lunch, but oh well.

Now, it is 1 o'clock and the sum total accomplished on the ceiling is one strip of beadboard is half nailed up.

As I have said before, Husband is Not Fast at these things. Plus, when you have a house built 80 years ago, ANY home project has the potential to turn into something Very Ugly. In this case, it took forever to locate the joist in the ceiling, and when we took the light fixure down, the wiring DISINTEGRATED. I mean....yikes. It's a wonder the house hasn't just burned down. So now Husband is at the hardware store, buying smaller nails and a new fixture with wiring made in the last 25 years.

But once we get started, it should be fine, and progress at an ok pace.

In the meantime, I've done a bit of tidying and have laundry percolating away.

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radiogurl - 2005-04-30 23:31:34
That STILL puts you light-years ahead of me...
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