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2005-04-27 - 10:54 p.m.
Evening at the police station

No, no, I haven't been nabbed and arrested for my generally foul attitude.

I am now a Greenway Ranger. We have a most excellent greenway in our city. The city has organized a group of volunteers who will be assigned a half mile section to keep an eye on. Watch out for bad pavement, graffiti, etc, etc. I have a really cool shirt and will get a photo ID.

No gun, though.

Never been to the police station. Actually had to do a dry trun yesterday so I could be sure to find it. NOT the nicest part of town.

But anyway.

I am currently listening online to my favorite soap opera....The Indiana Legislature. The Senate passed the DST bill today, and now the House is dithering about it. Completely ridiculous. Everyone knows how they are going to vote. But no, we're hearing pleas to not change "for the children" who will have to wait for the bus in the dark. Newsflash...I had to wait for the bus in the dark and we didn't have DST. Anyway...legislators. Bleah. Posturing, posturing, posturing.

Big news around here is that my parents FINALLY sold their house. It was on the market when my bridal shower was held there, almost THREE years ago. So the next two weeks will be busy, while they pack up and I go over to scavenge what I can. heh. Having parent to dinner on the 7th, and have invited aunt and uncle as a surprise. But my mom kind of blew it because she offered aunt and uncle the kitchen table and chairs, so they are coming THIS weekend to pick it up. So I don't know what's going on. Husband and I will head over Saturday afternoon with some pizzas and we will all just hang out. Then the weekend of the 14th, the parents are off to FL for good. I'm happy for them...I was kind of bummed that it looked like they weren't going to be able to keep their FL place. But it is kind of weird to think they really will be gone.

What else? Going to have a party on the 21st. Invited everyone from work. ACK.

Can't sleep for crap. It was two in the morning before I dozed off. Hate that.

And my laptop is acting weird. The cursor keeps jumping around. Really. I can be typing away and boom....the frigging cursor jumps up four lines. What the heck is that about??!?! Time to google....

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