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2005-04-16 - 2:34 p.m.
Lazy Saturday

This is the most amazingly perfect weather evah! Blue skies, sunny, has to be in the 70s, but juuuust when you think it's a bit warmish, a gorgeous breeze wafts by.

Yes. dork is computing on her porch again.

Dork SHOULD be laundering and tidying, etc. But she's not. Not even a walk or a trip to the gym.

I suck. Husband and I had a lovely lunch on the porch, while each played on the computer. We are so pathetic.

OK. So. We have new neighbors. Adorable house across the street finally sold. Haven't met them. HOWEVER. Street is very parked up. We came home yesterday to cars in front of our house. This street is NOT a park in the street street, as a general rule. We all have driveways, some have alleys, many have garages. So I am hoping that the used car look is just temporary, as family and friends come to see the new digs.

Yeah, yeah, a gawgeous day, and I still bitch.

hey. I yam what I yam.

Here's a tidbit....why I really love my neighborhood. guy across the street just took his three girls somewhere to ride bikes. His wife left awhile ago. When he left, he left the house open. How do I know this? Because the front door is open and only the storm is protecting his home from god knows what.

But that's the kind of street this is. I pay 350 a month for a house on a street where you can leave your doors unlocked all day. Not that I do. I'm a lock it behind me kinda person. Too many years as Single Woman Alone.

Husband is off at the Panel Mart,checking out ceilings for our kitchen. Turns out Armstrong makes exactly what I want, DESIGNED to be a ceiling. So Husband doesn't need to jerry rig something that was supposed to be on a wall, etc, etc. After that, I think he's headed for Home Despot or similar for some turfbuilder and other manly yard things.

Me? I weeded. Those damn thistly weeds are back already and they are EVIL. Pure evil. Things seem to be growing along....the chives are huge, the bleeding heart is up and starting to bloom, the peony seems to show signs of life, and the dianthis is greening up. Even my horrid rose bush is showing signs of life. Which is too bad, because I was going to rip it out. It looks out of place where I have it, and in 6 years, I think I've had three flowers from it. But now it has little red shoots at the bottom, and I can't bear to rip it out of the ground.

Hope springs eternal.

Gotta got to work this evening. Tell you what, this wonderful weather is NOT good for fundraising.....

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radiogurl - 2005-04-16 17:40:13
I have lived in places like that, where locking the door was optional. It USED to be like that here *sigh* We're a little warmer here than the 70's -- I think in the 80's or thereabouts. Still gorgeous weather!
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