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2005-04-03 - 7:18 p.m.
Lycra land

Sunday again?!

Lovely day here today, if a bit windy. But the sun was bright and it wasn't cold. I'll take it.

So last week, we read the sad news that our YWCA is closing its doors on the fitness center. Poo on them. Really. Husband and I had just started going back with regularity, and were chagrined to say the least. Today we went gym shopping. We were leaning toward the YMCA, and we went and checked it out. Eh. Felt cramped. Not CROWDED, but cramped, if that makes sense. Nice enough facility, but eh. Then we headed out to the local "lifestyle center" just to see how it compared, etc etc. I was concerned about too many beautiful people, and how expensive it would be. Husband was concerned about the expense and the distance from home/his work.

Well. We LOVED the place. Open and airy and light. Machines arranged in little "pods" around tvs. Other machines in a more secluded area pointed out by our tour guide "if you've had a bad day and just want to work out alone". Well appointed weights, both machines and free. Classes at no extra charge. A deli and smoothie bar. Heck, a STORE where you can buy shoes, etc. The pool looked lovely. We were told they try to be "family friendly, but not TOO friendly", meaning the small fry aren't spending a lot of time peeing in said pool. They even have a day spa attached. And aside from that...trainers (you get five visits when you join) and nurse practicioners and docs who are there at various times. Yeah, we joined. The extra cool thing is that they waived the membership fee for Y refugees, AND are running a special where you don't have to pay until June. Plus, they don't do contracts, so we aren't locked into two years or whatever. Only winds up being about 10 bucks more than the Y, and I don't have to pay extra for yoga, etc, as I did there.

After we signed up there, we went to the Chinese buffet in the 'hood, then I came home and Husband went into work. I dropped some laundry in the machine and promptly took a nap. For two hours.

Yeah. That lifestyle fitness thing is really working.

Trekked to MI on Friday evening, as I had a skating event yesterday. We did our number better than we ever did, and wound up tied for second. We were ok with that, as we all knew we'd done it well. I'll post some pix tomorrow or the next day.

Checked the Dell web site, and my new computer should be here this week. SO EXCITED. I DID manage to get the wireless network going at least as far as on TIVO unit is concerned, so I know the access point is working. I guess the problem with Husband's laptop is a problem with the computer. We did have trouble hooking up to a wireless network in a hotel recently, so I think we will try to download some new drivers and see if that helps.

And again: TIVO....WONDERFUL. EASY. I hooked up the network adapter and boom...tivo found the network. I followed the instructions and boom...tivo was set to go. Easier than a VCR. And a million times better.

That's it...husband making burgers for dinner, and I need to go eat....

3 comments so far
radiogurl - 2005-04-03 20:50:31
Oooh the fitness deal sounds great! I'm glad you found a place you like. Good luck!
LA - 2005-04-03 22:02:49
I only wish I were kidding about Mike's horrible brother and his equally horrible bride. To top it off she's got one of those syrupy thick twangy Texas accents (and all the redneck grammar mangling she can cram in) so I'm 'honey chile'-ed along with all the other crapploa. Sheesh.// Your new work-out spot sounds great! Have big fun there and pump a little iron for me, okay? ~LA
Pandi - 2005-04-05 14:02:37
What is this "fitness" of which you speak? Please explain, for I seem to have lost a few terms in my vocabulary, such as "exercise," "low-fat," and "healthy." I'm not worthy.
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