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2005-03-12 - 11:02 a.m.
I'm siiiiiick

Yanno how women always exchange knowing looks and tsk when then menfolks are sick and say "men, such BABIES when they have a little sniffle"

In this relationship, I am the man.

I have had a cold this week. Started sneaking in on Tuesday, and has been kicking my ass ever since. Stayed home from work on Weds, because we had an all day out of town field trip to go on Thursday. Still sick Thurs, but went on trip. Glad I was to a station a couple hours away, where I used to work. We're having a guy from Russ Berger Design Group come do a consult in our facilities, and the same guy redid the studios at this other station. I used to work at the other station, when it was still in its 1945 basement of the hall of music glory, and the difference is AMAZING. Plus, I got to see some of the really nice people I used to work with, and sometimes wish I still did....

Anyway, the road trip and the walk across campus in cold and wind didn't help my recovery, so I went in yesterday, did what I had to do, and came home. The balance of the weekend will be spent napping, I think.

But poor Husband. I keep moaning in my horrid nasally croak "I'm siiiiiick. I'm probably going to DIE, and then you will be sad".

Drama queen? ME?

How can a cold make you want to die? Really. I think there are far more serious and chronic problems that don't leave you feeling like such CRAP.

But. I got a good sleep last night (yay nasal spray....even though now I will have to kick it like the Afrin junkie I am), and am feeling a little better. Sun is finally shining, even though it is cold. Perhaps I can muster up the energy to wash some socks and undies today or tomorrow.

Coff coff.

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LA - 2005-03-13 10:31:08
Hope you feel better fast, sweetie. ~LA
radiogurl - 2005-03-14 02:30:41
I second the well wishes and say more power to you if you can be the sickie and make hubby deal. You're my hero!!!
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