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2005-03-04 - 1:08 p.m.
coupla things.....

OK, DQ, your endless prattling and gasping and omigoding and general histrionics MUST STOP. You're actually making me nervous.

Thank god she goes home soon.

The other thing...when did "not a problem" become a substitute for "you're welcome"? Captain Freezy does this all the time. "please make sure blah de blah de blah blah? Thanks" "Not. A. Problem. Notaproblem".

I don't care if it IS a problem, this is your job, and you need to do it.

Servers do this too. I say thank you every time they deliver something to the table. They always say "not a problem". Um. Again. This is your job. Now, I try really hard to NOT be a difficult customer when I eat out, but "not a problem" is NOT the same as "you're welcome"!!!


And peeve 3. Sneaky Diva. She sneaks about like a three year old. For all I know she's standing behind me now. Sneak sneak sneak. Tiny voice "excuse me?"

Gah. But wait, there's more: Captain F, those cheap ass cigars you smoke smell like doody. Really. And guess what? So do you. The whole freakin' office smells like stale cheap ass cigar smoke when you come back in from one of your MANY smoke breaks. It makes the freakin' MICROPHONES smell rank after you talk into them. Bleah. And you, old man volunteer. Don't even talk to me. "Do you have a fill in for me next week?" "we're going to use the network". "That's taking the easy way out". Was literally (and I AM using the word correctly) biting my tongue. Look, old man, bit me bite me bite me. My BOSS doesn't have a problem with my programming choice, and in fact, we are plotting that when you all kick off to NOT replace you. You know why? Because volunteers do not always produce a consistent quality on air sound. So think about that the next time you play friggin' Jack Daniels' Silver Cornet band or your Festival Of Show Tunes. Asshat.

I think by the time friday rolls around, I've had enough of these lovely people.....

So. We decided to cash in some HHonors points and stay in SIL's city tonight, so we don't have to get up at 0 dark 30 to get there in time. Seriously. I'd have to get up at 5 in the morning. I don't do that to go to WORK. It's free, so we're out nothing but the gas, which we'd be out anyway, cuz we still have to drive.

I think DQ has left the building. It's a palpable feeling. Like the atmosphere just let out a big sigh. Weird, huh?

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radiogurl - 2005-03-04 23:03:50
Man... I soooo hear you. I'm so glad this weeks' over, just wish I didn't have to work all weekend too.
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