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2005-02-28 - 9:58 p.m.
attitude most foul

And for no good reason.

Really. No crisis at work. No fight with the husband.

I'm just in a pissy mood. One where profanities race through my head and I want to explode.

Headed to the Y after work. Did half an hour on the treadmill, in my target rate, yadda, yadda. But I was pissy because it was the end of my day, and it was One More Damn Thing To Do. And I was pissy because it was the after work crush at the Y. And I was pissy because it's freaking snowing AGAIN, and we have a winter storm warning, and I have just had ENOUGH with the winter clothes and feeling like an Oompa Loompa because I'm so bundled up I can't lower my arms. And I got pissy because I got so fat again, and I know from my experience of last time that I will never be "normal" sized, that losing weight is a HUGE struggle for me that requires more energy and obsessiveness than I have in me, and I just want to give up.

And THEN. I got home and found a voice mail from my dr's office. Which means only one thing...there is something wrong with my pap from a couple of weeks ago. They only call if something is wrong. Of course, they called my HOUSE, not work, so by the time I got the message, I couldn't call back to find the extent of my hoo ha crisis.


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Pandi - 2005-02-28 22:46:22
Thinking of you. Keep us informed of what the doctor says, okay? Hugs!
radiogurl - 2005-03-01 02:51:16
Aww darn. And the pissy mood is going around, believe me. Everyone was avoiding me today, which was most assuredly in their best interests!
LA - 2005-03-01 08:23:37
Gosh, I hope your zorch is okay. ~LA
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