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2005-02-16 - 2:21 p.m.
How was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

OK. I've had better days.

Started off with Dr. appt at 8:30. Was running late (as usual). Thank goodness dr office is only 5 minutes away. My blood pressure was up. My weight is up. (DUH). Had to have The Exam (oh yay), got a flu shot, AND the dr found something "odd" in the breast exam and I have to have a mammogram and ultrasound next week.

Got a lose weight talk from her, which, I must admit, was the most sensitive and understanding lose weight talk a dr. has ever given me. I didn't leave the office feeling like a horrible lazy weak person. So, it's back to the Y for me, which I've been totally slacking on for far too long and need to do anyway. She even said "don't worry about the food right now, just start exercising".

OK by me.

So. Fun day all around. I'm not too worried about the mammogram real family history of it, I'm kind of young for it, and, oh yeah, I'm in denial. :) Not looking forward to the boob smushing, though.....

And THEN....THEN, I get to work for staff meeting and find we have a Board/Staff RETREAT next Tuesday. Gah. Just poke needles in my eyes and be done with it, willya? Yuck Ptooey.

On the good side, it's a quiet afternoon here at the radio ranch. Gotta love that.

4 comments so far
radiogurl - 2005-02-16 18:18:08
*hugs* I hope that your mammogram comes out okay - but definitely better to get it checked.
Pandi - 2005-02-16 23:56:21
Thinking of you.
LA - 2005-02-17 07:44:59
That's how the weight started coming off for me, getting busy. Makes me feel brighter in my mind too. Hope your boobie is okay. ~LA
Pandi - 2005-02-21 11:13:42
You should have the password to the private folder. Visit the pond. ;-)
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