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2005-02-15 - 4:18 p.m.
Checking in

Yeah, yeah. Awfully quiet here.

It's ok, though. Not in a hole or anything, just not much to say.

Went to a party on Friday night and actually had fun. That was new and different.

Saturday, two old friends and I got together for lunch. We haven't all been together w/o their attendant children in a hundred years. (one of said friends was Angry Bridesmaid at my wedding, the other did the reading) We talked and laughed and really enjoyed ourselves. Though there WAS a lot of kid related PTO talk. I managed to ask enough pertinent questions to keep myself interested in the convo.

Am enjoying the scent of the flowers on my desk. Husband delivered them himself. He included stargazers, my favorites. They smell heavenly. And like my wedding.

Didn't do much last night....I didn't even get Husband a card. I DID have flowers sent to him, and I did make a really yummy dinner with an EXQUISITELY delicious chocolate ganache cake for desert.

Husband has a function after work tonight....dunno how late he will stay out. I will get some laundry going, I think. Must have clean socks, as I go for the annual spelunking at the dr's tomorrow morning. Am considering asking about Seasonale, but given my poor experience with The Patch, am a bit leery. The tricyclen seems to be working ok, mood and zit wise.

See why I don't write much? It's banal!

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radiogurl - 2005-02-15 20:59:49
Call it what you will - yours is the kind of quasi-normal life I aspire to!
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