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2005-01-11 - 1:37 p.m.
Today's word is vindication


So a few weeks ago, I produced a promo urging people who might be thinking of donating a car to us to do so before the end of the year, when IRS rules were going to change.

It was a kick ass promo, using the Beatles' "Drive My Car" as a music bed. Started with "Beep beep beep beep Yeah", and ended with "and baby I love you". I knew it was a great promo. Other staff members were telling me it was a great promo. We got EIGHT fricking cars donated to us, and I'm going to let the promo take some credit.

Just after Christmas, Boss had a meeting with one of our Crazy Listeners. This man happens to be an Opera Nazi, and was flipping out because we didn't carry the Met ON CRISTMAS DAY. While he's telling the boss how much we suck, he mentions the promo. Hates it.

Boss relays this to me, and then adds "and he has a point".


I was feeling saucy or stupid or something, and said "Well, it's obviously doing the trick, because he knows what the promo is for, doesn't he? Is EVERYTHING on this station supposed to be audio oatmeal?"

Boss hem hawed and we moved on.

Last night was a Command Performance Board Meeting. While Ass GM delivered the news that we had 8 cars donated to us, a board member blurts out "I LOVED that promo! My KIDS loved the promo".

And I just sat there, dripping smug all over my gloat, and making snarky comments to coworker J about how Boss hadn't liked it, because Crazy Listener didn't like it, and we ALWAYS side with the Crazy Listener and leave our employees swinging in the wind, don't we?

That's one thing (ha. like there's only one) that pisses me off but good. Why Boss feels the need to make any of our Crazy Listeners feel IN ANY WAY VALIDATED is beyond me. And it irks me that staff is not defended.

So anyway. Vindicated.

Had a really good shrink session yesterday, most of it based on this FABULOUS book I found over the weekend, The Introvert Advantage.

It's WONDERFUL. Also vindicating. I mean, I KNOW that introversion isn't BAD, it's just DIFFERENT. However, it's really hard not to feel like an odd duck in a world of extroverts. Lots of AHA moments and things that made me say "YES!" to myself. I really wish the EXTROVERTS of the world would read this one. Because while the book helps us innies accept ourselves a little better, the outies of the world are still hammering us with the "you shoulds" and "it'll be FUNNNNNN!" pressures.

I'm not done with it yet, but so far, a lot of light bulbs have gone on. By nature, we innies are in our heads a lot. We get accused of "self absorbtion", but it's really how we process, and we AREN'T self absorbed, per se, we're just THINKING all the time. And really, if you compare Drama Queen (as outie as I am innie....)and me, who is self absorbed?

yeah, I'm self absorbed here, but it's my JOURNAL, fer cryingoutloud.

Anyway. I would highly recommend this book to anyone, innie or outie.

I especially wish we could get the introvert message across to the elementary school teachers of the world. Maybe then more kids like me can grow up and avoid therapy.

2 comments so far
LA - 2005-01-11 19:49:08
Well done on the promo! Take THAT! stuffy wrong headed boss! As for innies and outies, anyone who flies in a purse definitely has some big brassy ones, no matter how quiet you might be at parties! As the queen of Outies I can tell you I adore mellow introspective folk! They are the yin to my clangorous yang.
radiogurl - 2005-01-12 00:20:59
You got EIGHT CARS donated and your boss was whining over the promo??? Oh for pity's sake, that's as bad as my boss. I'm glad you were vindicated in the meeting. And aso to innies vs. outies, I have moments of both. I'm not painfully shy but neither do I feel the need or desire to be a 'public' person most of the time. Maybe it's because I've been stopped by one stranger too many who knew who I was when I had absolutely no clue who THEY were
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