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2005-01-07 - 2:28 p.m.
Or Not

I'm going to take up smoking.

Because doing so will entitle me to take a ten minute break to stand outside oh, every hour or so.

In my current non smoking configuration, I get to go outside once, and that's if I leave the building for lunch.

Hi. I'm colz, and my three day work week is making me cranky.

OK, not really TOO cranky. Or not extraordinarily cranky, just the same cranky.

It's always the same shit. The same shit that makes me want to SCREAM. Can I read ONE EMAIL without interruption? Make a call or check my voice mail? I feel like I work in a Tourette's ward...something comes into someone's mind and they blurt it out.

Bleah. My complaints bore me.

Made a big mistake. Put my pic on hot or not. Don't know why. Glutton for punishment, I guess. But I was looking on the site, and it looked like people were quite generous in their opinion of what is hot.

So far, I am a 5. Now, I don't think I am a 10. But a FIVE? Thought I was a little hotter than THAT.

Anyway. No plans for the weekend. Which is good. Plans are already being formed for summer stuff, including a family reunion of the Lawnguyland family. As close as my maternal extended family is, that's how distant my paternal side is. Not acrimonious, just not close. So I'm kind of hoping to go, so I can meet some of these kinfolk I've never met before. And they can meet the rube relation from the midwest. But that's a long way off....

Back to work....

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radiogurl - 2005-01-07 21:03:06
I can sympathize - and hey, you got a five? I think I got a three so don't feel so bad, LOL!
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