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2004-12-20 - 1:09 p.m.

So I laughed at LA's comment that the plane I flew is the size of a purse....when I got in I looked at the CFI and said "I feel like I'm wearing the plane".

It's ass biting cold here, and certain folks continue to get on my last nerve. I don't even know why. So I am trying really hard to do my job and stay quiet and unobtrusive.

Not that easy to do.

Went to a party Saturday night at Husband's boss's house. It was actually pretty nice. Boss's wife is very nice, and we had some good conversation. I even wrote a thank you note. Suck up points with the boss never hurt. BIG boss and his wife were there too. Big boss started out as a regular dj guy and is now COO of the company.

And what an ass. He's married to wife #2, Trophy Wife, with whom he took up while married to Wife #1. Husband, who is usually so kind about people said "well, I guess the punishement for fooling around with someone like Trophy Wife when you're already married is that in the end, you get to marry her". We literally had an audience with Big Boss. He sat there and regaled us all with stories about The Good Old Days and how great he is. Then it was kind of like "Oh, but enough of me telling stories about me, why don't YOU tell stories about me"

And I kind of hate him because he got his big exposure and success as part of a morning team in the 80s. Guess who their producer was? yeah, Husband. And lemme just tell you don't have a number 1 morning show for several years running without a kick ass producer. I guess part of me dislikes him so much because Husband had a role in Big Boss's later successes, and he never seems to remember that.

Bleah. He's like a hologram of an actual human.

In better news, Husband DID get a smallish raise and a NICE bonus. I think his reqular boss might be an ok least more ok than Big Boss.

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radiogurl - 2004-12-20 23:13:20
*Sigh* Yeah I know those kinds. You want to just shake them and give them a nice healthy attitude adjustment.
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