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2004-12-18 - 1103391480
Come Josephine.....

OH my. I'm exhausted and amped at the same time.

I got to go FLYING today!!! In this plane:

It's a Diamond. It's all composite, yadda yadda, blah. It's sleek and fast and REALLY climbs.

It's also very small. I felt like I was WEARING it.

When I got to the airport, our engineer, the guy who got us the on hold voice gig, was there. He was excited to see me out there, told the CFI to let me fly left seat, etc.

As soon as we were airborne, I remembered. I remembered that feeling just as the plane leaves the ground. Excitement, exhilaration, a little fear. God. It was so good. Visibility wasn't that great...hazy up top. We poked holes in the sky, worked on slow flight and steep turns and did a couple of stalls. I shot a couple of landings. And I think if the CFI died or something, I could have gotten us down. He claimed he wasn't doing much to help me, but I'm cautious...he may have been encouraging me so that I get all excited that I am a flying savant and start taking more lessons. But I was surprised how it came back. All those gauges to keep track of, using RPM to control altitude and pitch to control airspeed, when you'd think it was the opposite.

So fun.

Here I am, safely on the ground again.

And after that fun morning, it's off to do laundry. Woo. I have lunch with friend J today, then we have Command Performance Party at Husband's boss' house.

And just because it's funny, here's Kitty Village of the Damned:

2 comments so far
radiogurl - 2004-12-19 03:09:11
Nice! I would love to take flying lessons someday but I can't imagine that happening. Oh well - just one of those things. And the kitty village of the damned is just too cute!
LA - 2004-12-20 09:30:22
Gosh, you went up in the sky in that thing? It's adorable, but that's not an airplane, it's a purse with a propeller. Anyhow, that is absolutely the coolest thing any of my friends has done this week. Kudos to you! glad you had fun. ~LA
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