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2004-12-15 - 8:31 p.m.
I guess they lost count

Apparently, Eli Lilly and Co, in the words of our president, misunderestimated the number of us crazy people on Prozac Weekly.

Because they RAN OUT.

And I only know this because I haven't been able to get a refill, and I called the pharmacy and my dr today, and the nurse was able to tell me what the deal is.

I guess Lilly is doing a retooling of sorts on the line that spits out 'zac Weekly. So they had to stop producing it. But they neglected to have enough of a stockpile for those of us who are currently taking it. They realized their boo boo, and are making amends by having us Weekly patients fill out a form that our drs sign and return to them, and they will send us three months worth of the daily version, at no charge.

OK, the no charge thing is cool. And the nurse was able to scare me up two samples of the weekly, so I can at least stay on my usual stuff until after the new year. I'm just thinking that the crazy holiday time isn't the best time to be messing with one's mood altering drugs.

But how come the pharmacies didn't know? I did a google search on the topic and found nada. Found nada on the special program. Hellooooo? And I kinda wish my dr's office had let me know.

But anyway. At least they aren't discontinuing it totally. From the first pill, I've had no unpleasant side effects (save for some dry mouth the day I take it), and I stopped wanting to be dead all the time. So for me, it seems to be just the ticket. And I LOVE the weekly dosing.

Enough about me and my messed up brain chemicals. Wait. No. My shrink is back on my insurance plan, so that is a Good Thing. Now I can go a little more often.

Not much else, really. Amazon delivered the xmas presents I ordered, so I can start wrapping any old time. Work is fine. We had a new technical procedure that started last night, and, of course, doesn't work. Something goofy with a tone decoder....I've used all the computer tricks I know to come up with a work around until the engineer can fix the problem, but none of them work too well.

Yeah. Engineer needs to fix the problem HE created by not doing something right to begin with. Like, Oh, EVERY SINGLE TIME we have a new technical thing. Grrrr.

Suddenly very tired. Had a massage after work. mmmmmmmm.

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radiogurl - 2004-12-15 21:36:05
A massage after work.... *Drools* You don't mind if I'm insanely jealous, do you?
radiogurl - 2004-12-15 22:16:34
Oh, and EEP! about the Prozac. My daughter takes it and let's not discuss what she's like if she isn't taking it. I've come thisclose to losing her twice now to suicide attempts, and I don't ever want either of us dealing with that again. The last time was too close. If they had found her just minutes later it would have been too late...
LA - 2004-12-17 21:20:58
I'm on Wellbutrin and am dead envious of once a week dosing! I'm on the one-a-days, but they actually don't seem to work as well as the twice-a-days, even though remembering the night dose was a pain in the butt. Once a week ~LA (Thanks, btw. I'm still happy dancing.)
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