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2004-12-08 - 7:56 p.m.
The lonely pointless blog

OK, I hate having to password protect. I know this makes me a hit slut, but I hate looking at my stats and seeing that no one stopped by.

Not sure how to work it. Would like to be able to protect just archives. Dunno. Lemme think on it.

But that brings up another thought....why do I bother with this? Because I have been working to clean up my archives, and noticing something. It's all the same crap, over and over. If you look in December of 2002, I was writing the same depressed crap I am writing now. I hate work a little less, but that could just be the porzac talking. I find it fascinating that I've kept this journal longer than ANY paper journal...even in high school, when I was in my Anne Frank stage. it's just so much easier for me to sit down at the computer and type up an entry, and hit send. Boom. I hardly ever re read entries. But it is nice to have them to refer back to.

Husband informed me that we had 20 bucks in the checking account this morning. EEP. He gets paid tonight (direct deposit) and I get paid on the 15th, so we're fine. But really...where DID that money GO? Hookers and booze, I guess.


Would I be a completely evil person if I just blew off the whole christmas card thing this year? I just don't have the energy. I know why people send those newsletters (and I kind of like them...far preferrable to the generic "Bob and Sue", with no personal note at all). It's because it's easier to write all that crap down and print it out than to find the time for personal notes in every card. I'm really tempted to just chuck it all. Except that I already bought the cards.

Husband and I have TWO parties this weekend. Can't wait. Ha. BOTH are in some way affiliated with his work. ICK. Sunday night's hoo ha doo dah is the official one. What I like to refer to as "meeting his boss". See, EVERY time his boss sees me, it's kind of like he's never met me. Because he's a self involved egotistical weenie. But...gotta show up and do the office politics thing.


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Pandi - 2004-12-09 17:02:23
I'm here! I'm here! I just spazzed on the user name and had to go back and save it where I could access while I was at work. (Not in my aohell filing cabinet on my computer at home.) No, you wouldn't be evil if you lowballed the holidays. They're draining. Hugs!
LA - 2004-12-10 18:52:28
You're not abandonded! I just took a few days off from reading diaries. Having a bit of quiet time. Tonight's the first time I've popped my buddy list since Monday. Sweetie, you may blow off whatever you like. The cards are bought? If they're not pre-printed with this year's date, it's no biggie. They won't go bad. Or pare your list down to the folks you'd really like to say hi and Merry Christmas to and bump the rest. Even relatives. Except for great-aunts. If you send to one you MUST send to all of them. The competition in the great-aunt game is fierce and nasty. ~LA
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