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2004-12-05 - 3:41 p.m.
Dear Diary.....

Parents just called from Florida. Apparently, it's Hot there.


Meanwhile, it's not ever particularly COLD here, and I'm wrapped in a blue blankie. Fresh from the laundry, though, so it smells delicious.

Actually WANTED to leave the house this weekend, so that's an improvement over the past few weekends. Had errands to run, so we braved The Mall. Or, The Maul.

How much does my Husband love me? He went to a craft store on a SUNDAY during CHRISTMAS SHOPPING SEASON.

The boy should really get laid more often.

We hit Michael's and I picked up a few things, then we went to the pet store, because the kitties needed food (Husband knew this, I did not. I am a Bad Mom), and found it was have your pet's picture taken with Santa day.


Then on to Walgreen's mainly because Husband needed to get rid of his morning coffee. But HA...I bought stuff. Then to GNC for vitamins, to the Parents' house to water plants, grabbed a burger, then home.

And can I just say, soccer moms in their native habitat of a craft store are just...clueless. Parking carts in the middle of already narrow aisles and walking off. Standing DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE ENTRANCE and blocking all traffic in. Hellooooo? Kaylleigh and Justyn's mom? You're not the only one in the store. Move it. Thanks ever so.

Husband is out hanging Christmas lights. That's his thing, not mine. We have no decorations inside. I might drag out the ceramic tree soon. It's kind of pretty.

My time as Mrs. Hermit has been productive. I've become an obsessive crocheter...Have made three scarves since Thanksgiving. And they look cool! I have people to send these to, but I think I may just make scarves, then call the rescue mission and ask if they could use them. Blankets take too damn long. I can whip out a scarf in two or three evenings.

Last night the skating team had a party...pretty fun. We played Euchre, which is a game no one from Indiana DOESN'T know. We taught someone last night, a DELIGHTFUL 13 year old who is on our team. I guess the rules for old people skating is that the AVERAGE age needs to be over a certain number. Since we have at leat 4 people in their 70s, our average is still pretty high. Anyway...I can't think of any 13 year olds I'd want to spend an evening with, but this young lady is something. She's still clearly a kid, but she's also got some depth and poise to her. So playing cards with her wasn't nearly as excruciating as it could be.

I am so boring, aren't I? Sorry. Every day is a lather/rinse/repeat of the last.

Though it's now less than a year until we go on our cruise. 363 days, in fact.


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radiogurl - 2004-12-05 17:03:50
I know what you mean about not putting up a Christmas tree and so on. This is my first year in forever!
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