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2004-11-18 - 8:28 p.m.
Some whining, but not all bad....

OK. Not QUITE as nuts as I have been, but still a wee bit weird. Perspective. It's all about perspective. And really, saying the whole "compulsive eating" thing out loud helped, I think. Made the crazy eating a little less puzzling, I think.

One half of my family is Irish. And you know, they don't make those drunken' Irishmen jokes for nothing. My family tree has SO many inebriated branches. grandmother had three sisters and a brother. Of those five children, four of them (including my grandmother) had alcohol "issues". Her two children also had problems. I'm sure there are others, but it's not a particularly close family, so those are just the ones I know off the top of my head.

I vowed that I would never be an alkie. Nope. Heck, I don't even touch the stuff. Don't like it.

But oh, I think I have the monkey. It's just that my monkey is carbs delivered via cookie, as opposed to via alcohol. I think I have some understanding of the issue. One drink is too many, a hundred isn't enough. Yeah, I grok that. Girl Scout cookies come in those handy single serve boxes. Pepperidge Farm cookies? That's snack size.

But here's the obstacle that makes food a different sort of animal. Ya gotta have it. You have to MANAGE the problem while still using the substance that causes that problem. It's like telling an alcoholic that three times a day, they MUST have one beer. Just one. Can't have to use in moderation for....FOREVER. It would be INSANE if that's how we treated chemical addictions. People are adamant...if you're an alcoholic, you can't have ANY. EVER. I'm not saying I have it harder, etc, etc. I'm just musing. But I don't think it's something people take into consideration.

Forgive the glum. It was DARK at frickin' 4:30 this afternoon. Does not help my mood.

So. Here are a couple of nice things.

You know that dress I ordered? Came in yesterday. It fits, but it's a skoch too tight. So I called the place, and they were WONDERFUL. Are sending the next size, charging me only shipping, and he told me to not worry about sending the smaller one back, I should try on both and decide, then send back the one I won't be using. The place is AWESOME.

It's time for a Big Plug. If you need formalwear, INCLUDING LARGE SIZES, check out The Evening Store . I'm just FLABBERGASTED by the customer service. I ordered the dress Saturday afternoon, got it yesterday. Great quality. Even more lovely than it looks in the picture. The lining is BRIGHT red, and when it's combined with the silk overlay, it looks GAWGEOUS. The beading is exquisite. So I'm just sayin'...anyone in need of formalwear, I would recommend this place.

Heh. And it's in NY. We midwesterners are taught to fear people from The East, especially NY and NJ, since they lack the down home friendliness of us red state midwesterners. HAH. This guy's helpfulness and frienliness made me wonder what it would be like to relocate to the paternal ancestral homeland of Lawnguyland.

Naaaa. Too expensive.

And another thing I found that I the quest for foundation undies that don't make me look preggo or make me feel like a sausage, I ordered something called Seamless Bodywrap . Definite thumbs up here. Smooths out the lumps without moving them to other locations....

So, for your holiday Fancy Outfit needs....

Nothing else going on. Will have the World's Most Boring Thanksgiving at the in-laws'. I'm supposed to bring salad. Not fancy salad, just......iceberg lettuce with tomatoes and shredded carrots kind of salad. Feh on that. I am going to see if I can find some kind of lettuce salad recipe that is a little fancied up but won't scare anyone.

I'm thinking over the weekend I may try my hand at Hungarian nut roll and poppyseed roll. Gramma always used to have these on hand, and they freeze well. And if you order them from
fancy schmantzy places, they are 12 bucks a loaf! Hmmm. Business idea....


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LA - 2004-11-19 07:47:45
Cool! You're going to be a smasher in that dress! (Actually you're a smasher all together.) Ah yes. The fabled NY rudeness. We have our share of jerks for certain and our speedy way of life does SEEM rude to folk from slower paced places, but like most myths it's a tiny bit of truth wrapped in a whole lot of bs. The fact is we're not any ruder than the usual run of all humans- we just have a bad rep. ~LA
Pandionna - 2004-11-19 12:16:21
I grew up on Lawn Guyland. Not sure if I help or hinder the cause! ;-) That's a beautiful dress, BTW. And I know you will work through the nutrition. Knowing what the issues are is half the battle.
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