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2004-11-13 - 9:07 p.m.
Call me Imelda

OK, I have gone on a shopping spree of "hide it from the husband" proportions.

What is WRONG with me? Seriously. There were the adorable shoes earlier in the week. New "foundation garments".

And then, today....more shoes Actually, two pair . And new boots .

All were on sale for about half price. And the boots I have now are NOT warm.

That first pair of shoes? It'll go with my new Fancy Dress.

So. Yeah. The ol' computer was smokin' today. I feel kind of sick. I wonder if I'm somehow becoming compulsive in spending. And we don't need to be spending, really. If we really worked our asses off, we could get out of debt much faster.

What REALLY makes me pissed is that I checked Orbitz today, to see where things stand on flights for our trip to DC. We bought tix a couple weeks ago, figuring 160 bucks round trip per person couldn't be beat. It can. How about 95 bucks per person, round trip, NON STOP. I want to CRY. No refunds, no exchanges.

So then Husband comes home (he was gone all day, to football game), and while I'm telling him of the wedding invite, and the car I rented (140 bucks for 5 days...I thought that was good!), he makes some comment about "spending money we don't need to" and I FELT AWFUL. OK, we're taking it in the shorts on the air fare, but that's a gamble one always takes.....but The Bride has rooms booked for 69 bucks in McLean, 5 minutes from the reception. THAT is a good deal. And we'll need a way around that.

Guilt guilt guilt guilt. I feel like I'm in "Next stop, Dr. Phil Show" territory. "On today's show, women who only stop compulsive eating long enough to compulsively shop".

But I AM going to look FIIIIINNNE at this shindig. (the invite says black tie....)


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