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2004-11-11 - 11:57 p.m.
Next stop, caftans R us!

Day two of Shopping for a Dress more depressing than day one, simply because there were more places to look, and less satisfaction per capita. I DID try on three dresses, and one would work in a gun to my head pinch, but nothing thrilled me.

And as an extra special bonus, I got to fight back tears of frustration and humiliation and self hatred while wandering the mall looking for the way I came in.

Fun fun fun! Wheee!

So. A couple more places to look, than it's plan b or c or something.

But yesterday while walking out of the evil Von Maur, I spied the most ADORABLE shoes ! They didn't have them in my size, natch. (and the ONLY thing small about me is my feet. The 6 1/2's were a titch too tight, 7 1/2 made me look like Minnie Mouse, and they didn't have 7s.

So I ordered 'em online. God bless the internet. I love my pretty pink shoes. And despite their 3 inch heels, I will wear them. And in perusing , I noted that Steve Madden has MANY adorable shoes.

Too bad I can't find any clothes to wear with them....

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