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2004-07-29 - 10:48 a.m.
I wanna believe.....

Much like LA, , I wanna believe. I want to not be jaded and cynical. I want to believe there IS a difference between the Ds and the Rs, that my voting WILL matter.

But I dunno.

I've bought a Kerry/Edwards window sticker. I've bought a pro-choice button to stick on my purse. I will apologize to no one. I will not take my pro-choice button off my purse when I go visit the in laws. I won't shove it in their faces, but I won't hide it. The conservatives don't hide. The conservatives aren't shy about telling us all how we should think. So. It's time to out myself.

Hope no one keys my car.....

Went to an interesting lecture last night. Local hospital has a living healthy series, and this one was on obesity and dieting. The dr. who gave the lecture came in to the station a couple of weeks ago to record a promo, and she was just AWESOME to talk with. First of all, a doc who has actual EMPATHY for the obese is amazing. She sees a role for both surgery and medication in certain cases. She's not so bloody....detached about the thing, oversimplifying and saying "eat less move more" with that implied "ya fat slob with no willpower" tagged to the end.

So I wanted to go to her lecture. It was a lot of stuff I know already. Diets don't work. It all comes into energy in vs energy out. BUT. BUT. I did learn something else....I may still be fat. Hell, according to my BMI, I'm obese. But those 40 pounds I lost? Huge. HUGE. The good I've done myself with that is very real, and should not be discounted because I need to lose another 40 just to be considered "overweight".

Now, I have a dr appt next week...on my birthday, no less, and I'm sure I'll get fussed at for still being so fat. I had blood drawn earlier this week, so we'll see what the numbers say. But I'm gonna tell my dr about my concerns...about the endless plateau, that the only thing that results in weight loss is deprivation to the point of starvation. And I'm gonna ask if we can do any kind of tests to see if there's some wonky stuff with my body chemistry. And if she won't, I'm off to this other dr.....

anyway....that's all for now....

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LA - 2004-07-29 15:13:29
Yup, learnt my lesson and from now on am doctor shopping with a most critical eye. I would not recommend Bell's palsy as a way to jumpstart a stalled diet, though it DID work. Wish I had something useful to advise about your plateau. I have another 35 to go and that will make an even 100 pounds. And you know what? That won't even get me in the 'Not Fat' category. At least according to the almighty height/weight charts. Plus, even after losing 100 pounds I'll still be a hideous beast and an object of scorn with the aerobics crowd. So you just keep plugging and be VERY proud of yourself! You totally turned your life around and I'm button busting proud of you! ~LA
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