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2004-07-25 - 10:49 p.m.
party pix

So here are a couple of shots from our Big Party.

Here's the tiny yard all illustrate just HOW tiny the yard is, you can't see OUR house in the pic, but you can see the houses of TWO neighbors....

Aren't the lanterns just FUN? And the glider...we bought that a couple of weeks ago at an antique show. Took it home in Husband's PT Cruiser...the thing fit, the back hatch closed, AND I had a seat with a seat belt for the ride home. I love that car.'s an after dark shot, tiki torches all aglow...

I have eaten far, far too much crap today. I'm going to polish off the whole damn carrot cake myself. The party crap was a lot of work, and Husband and I are both exhausted. I did a bunch of nothing today. Tried to make some progress on my crocheting, but I'm apparently too stupid to read and comprehend the pattern, so it was slow going....lots of ripping out and starting over.

There was a bump in the road this evening...I was monitoring the radio stations, albeit briefly, when I heard Something Bad. I tried the VPN to fix the Bad Thing, but it was down. That's when things are Very Bad. So I told Husband I needed to go in. He took me, and when I got there, I saw cars in the parking lot...two engineers, and Captain Freezy were there. Turns out the engineers decided to do some much talked about repair/maintenence work, and they and the GM decided that tonight was the night. Then they neglected to tell ME, the fricking Operations Manager.

And that, my friends, is what I mean about having responsibility but no authority, and that the baby is only mine when it has a poopy diaper. And if there was a "real" crisis, I would be expected to fix it. So why not keep me in the loop when we're going to have a planned crisis?

Grrrr.'s my new thing to mull over....the local vo/tech school has a pretty good culinary arts program, and I'm wondering if perhaps I might enroll. It dawned on me while I was taking the corn off a dozen ears for the corn salad that I really DO like cooking for people. Perhaps this is an alternate route my career could take? I wonder...

Or maybe I'll be a ballerina. Or and astronaut. Or a ballerina astronaut!

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Pandionna - 2004-07-26 11:40:54
Ballerina astronaut! I love it! Lovely yard, too. So festive. And so GREEN!
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