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2004-03-10 - 5:01 p.m.
Hmm. What's wrong with this picture?

So, Captain Freezy deletes the program we are supposed to run tomorrow morning at NINE A.M., sending us all into a panic, and he is out the door while I reinvent the wheel to download the damn thing off the producer's site.

Hmm. That ain't right.

Today has been a supremely annoying day at the office. People have seemed whiny and annoying. Check that. MORE whiny and annoying than usual. Once again, it's like working in a day care. I am NOT the be all end all computer guru who exists to answer your silly assed questions. I figured out many of my own answers to silly assed questions, and you can jolly well do the same.

Floor still isn't done. Husband, bless him, is working each evening. I must say, while the boy is slow, he does good should see those mitered corners. Perfect.

I have been eating everything in site this week. Very sad. Steak. Cake. Fajitas. In fact, today was my second fajita meal in a week, as I was having lunch with a friend/former co worker. When I stood on the scale at the Y yesterday, I was down a pound from last week...hooray. But I'm making sure I get the exercise in this week...took spin class again last night. I do ok for the fat chick.

Total lost: 37. file has imported...time to hit the studio and make it into radio....

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