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2004-03-08 - 8:20 a.m.

If you read this journal regularly, you know I love and adore my husband, and think I'm damn lucky to have him, right?

With that disclaimer.....

I think I have figured out why he works so many hours.

The boy is SLOW. SLOOOW. He's a 45 being played at 33.

No, my floor is not finished yet. So I'm kind of harumphy, beacause I had it in my pea brain that it would be done on Saturday, and we'd move the furniture back, and I'd have my kitchen (aka the dumping ground) back, and life would be getting back to normal.


(did I mention that I adore him?)

And it's not that he didn't work. He was in there most of the day, until about 7 in the evening. To his credit, he is a perfectionist, and there was some fairly tricky cutting to do along the wall. And that does look nice. But I'm puzzled that he didn't get the quarter round put in after all wall is done, and he still has the rest of the room and the transitions to do.

But the boy moves slow....yesterday I did three or four (I forget) loads of laundry, cleaned out the fridge and the freezer, seriously cleaned the bathroom, and crocheted a slipper. OH yeah...and I sat on my ass a lot, too.

I think the slow/fast thing is one of those interesting personality contrast issues in our relationship. And I think it shows up in more than just how fast we do weekend chores. He's had the same job for 26 years. I had four jobs in 10 years...I've been at my current job for 6 years, and that's twice as long as I was any place else. My mindset is "let's do it, we'll fix any problems along the way". His is "I am going to overthink everything so there won't be any problems along the way".

Needless to say, this approach can make me nuts when we're working on something together. Don't get me wrong, I don't just plunge blindly into things, I do my research, but at some point, ya gotta dig in and get started, yanno?

Anyway....he said he'd finish tonight. I hope so.

Our station is off the air again....seems the recent high winds have undone the repairs to the transmission line we had to make last fall. radio until tomorrow, I think. New transmission line is coming today. Not sure if they are going to repair, or replace the whole 600+ feet.

Too bad this won't mean I have half the work to do....

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