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2004-03-07 - 11:51 a.m.
Getting Closer....

We are closing in on getting the downstairs finished up. As I type, Husband is at Home Despot, getting the stuff he needs to trim out the dining room, which he spent yesterday laying Pergo in.

He's got one more course along the wall, and then it's trim time. And THEN, we move the furniture off the porch and stop looking like the Clampitts. (if you look through the window in the above picture, you can see the dining room chairs stacked on the table. Classy, no?) At least on the outside. I moved some crap out of the bottom of one of the china cabinets, and I will be able to stash some of the kitchen crap, like cake stands and cookbooks, and various flotsam and jetsam that doesn't get used often, but still needs a home.

Note to self: clean out fridge today, too.

Here's the living room...this is last week, when poor Husband was being ordered about by both me and my mother:

On the other side of the stairwell is the kitchen. The ugly brown carpet on the stairs will NOT die. It's made of steel or something. We decided not to for over another 600 bucks to recarpet when we did the living room. If the damn stuff would wear out already....

And here's what it was looking like after the new carpet, as I was moving furniture back in. There's more to the sofa than what you see here...

Of course, all this sprucing up of the living and dining rooms just makes the kitchen look shabbier. It REALLY needs a paint job. This one I think we can do ourselves.....but first, we have to track down an annoying leak and fix that, THEN replace/repair the ceiling said leak has damaged.

Friday at work was not without it's thrills...we had high winds, and because of that, there was a power outage...for whatever reason, our generator didn't kick on automatically. We managed to get it started, but we didn't escape the incident unscathed. When the power came on, we lost a router for the LAN...I'm told there was a pop, a flash, and smoke. Not good. THEN, when one of the stations came back on, it was only at 10-15% power. We couldn't hear it in the building. I am guessing that a tube in the transmitter that was failing just couldn't take the jolts in volts, and died but good. I do know we were off the air for almost 24 hours. Yikes o rama. I even got an annoying phone call AT HOME from an annoying lackey/volunteer of the Diva's wanting to know if I could tell him what was going on. Thank god for caller id and voice mail. Like I need to be at the beck and call of listeners at home,'s bad enough the Diva calls every time there's a hiccup (like, oh, yesterday morning, when the fried router precluded my being able to use the VPN from home and necessitated me going into the station), now I have to answer to listners/volunteers? I don't think so. "Um, yeah, did you know WXYZ has been off since yesterday afternoon? Can you tell me why?" We are off the air? Really? I had no idea.

Please. I put those duckies in a row myself before I left on Friday. If it's transmitter related, I report it to the engineer and GM. The engineer is the one one who can fix it, there's nothing to be gained by my worrying about things....


I've had the most annoying headache all weekend. It's more like a sharp pain that shoots from my ear to my eye. It happens once in awhile....hmm....maybe I should go to the doctor and have an MRI and have them trace it back to the giant hooters....

I decided to do something that is SO out of character for me. But I'm taking moral support with me. I have an appointment next month to have some glamour/boudoir shots done with the photographer who did our wedding. Drama Queen and JD are going with me. DQ actually made the appointment. She knows the photog from way back, and was actually the one who gave me his name when I was looking for a wedding photographer. I need the moral support of the girlfriends for this one. I want to surprise Husband....which I'm sure it will. But I think it's important for me, too, to help me see myself a little differently. I'm thinking Rita Hayworth style, not Playboy style. We'll see...I know what I look like in my brain, and I hate it when the camera sees me for the dumpy chick I really am.... But anyhow....I'm still looking forward to it. It's going to be a fun girls' day out, if nothing else.

OK. Dirty fridge awaits. Not to mention dirty laundry...

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LA - 2004-03-07 11:45:30
Place is looking great! What's beneath the brown zombie carpeting on the stairs? If the stair risers aren't too horrible you could do a runner and stair rods for about 1/3 the price of recarpeting. I think our runner was $11 a yard and the rod sets were $6.50 each. Thanks for your notes, btw, when I came back to myself I was so happy to find your lovely words and hugs waiting. ~LA
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