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2004-03-01 - 4:21 p.m.
Busy yet boring?

OK, so I'm busier than hell, but it's all (see last entry)

We really were boogie-ing this weekend. Poor Husband spent much of Saturday following the orders of both his wife and his mother in law, while we hung new curtains in the living room. And he's just the best sport about it all.

Yes, he was rewarded. the carpet guys came, and put the new carpet down...we ripped up the old carpet over the weekend, and other than some cat pee spots from the dearly departed Mozart, the wood floor underneath was in really nice shape...much nicer than the dining room floor, which we're covering in pergo this weekend. But man...the cat pee spots...holy moly. More powerful than bleach, I dare say. We bought some primer/sealant stuff and sprayed it over the spots before the new rug went down, hoping to seal in some of the cat smell. Husband went home from work this afternoon to move some furniture back into the living room. Poor boy....the disarry was bothering him more than it was bothering me...though by this morning, I was ready for it all to be done.

So I did this little quiz thing on ask you to answer questions, and they show you what your ideal attractive guy would look like.'s what they came up with...

and here's what I am married to:

OK. So I have a thing for old bald guys....

Had a mini epiphany about Husband this weekend. I know there are people in my life who love me. Friends, family, etc. But he's the only one who loves me without ever using phrases like "you should" "if you" "why don't you". He loves me how I am. That's not to say I'm perfect, because we all know THAT isn't so. But he's not always trying to make me "better". If I sit on my ass all weekend and read or watch tv, or crochet, I feel terribly guilty because I'm not cleaning and cooking and laundering, taking care of all the "shoulds" in life. He is cool with it. He tells me to do what I need/want and not to worry about the shoulds. I gotta realize how lucky I am more often. Because I'm bossy, and, frankly, selfish. And since marrying him, I'm damn spoiled. And I like it. I wasn't going to be a "typical" wife...I was going to stay independent, carry my own heavy stuff, etc. Nope. He takes care of me, and I like it. Am I bad? Am I betraying the sisterhood? I took care of everything for ten years, and quite frankly, I'm likin' it how it is now. Oh, don't get me wrong, I have to take care of a fair amount of stuff...there are balls in the air he just isn't in charge of. But wonderful to have assistance with things. I haven't had to lug home a case of pop in ages. In my defense...he hasn't had to wash his socks in just about the same amount of time. did I get going on that tangent?

Could spring be around the corner here? It's 60 degrees. Supposed to be cold again this week...but it IS March....which means, nice weather is closer than further. Can't wait to get back on my bike.

Will post pix of the renovated room soon. so nice to have it done!

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