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2004-02-26 - 4:35 p.m.

OK, I guess I should update, but it's all so mundane and banal, I just can't stand it.

Supposed to pick up car tonight. Our sales pup, Kyle/jason/brandon/jacob has been nice and I finally called him this afternoon and said "so. any word on my car?" "UM. It's not here yet. But it should be here by 6. If it's not here by 6, it won't be here today".

OK. The plan is to drop my parents' car off at the airport (they return at 8 tonight), then buzz by the car dealer to see if the car is there or not.

Then it's home, to hillbilly heaven. The painters should have finished today. It's looking good. So good, that I got inspired while all the furniture was out of the room, and thought "why not get new carpet??!" Why not, indeed. Husband said "there's no way they can do it now". I said "Let me make some calls. If someone can do it in the next couple of days, and it's a good deal, let's getnew carpet". I called an advertiser of ours, and he said "oh, if it's in stock, we can install in a couple of days." Cool. We got a room full of Karastan for 3 bucks a square foot, with good pad, installed. Yay us. So while we were at the carpet store, I said "hmm. Honey, maybe we should recarpet the stairs". "NO". "Oh, let's just have them measure and give us an estimate". I LOATH the carpet on the stairs. it's ugly and different shades of brown. And it's made of iron. Where the "new" carpet (less than 6 years) in the living room looks like crap, the carpet on the stairs and in the upstairs hall looks pretty good (aside from the godawful color).

Maybe there's something to be said for that color....

Took tomorrow off. Originally thought I'd be able to be Susie Homemaker and start putting things back in order, but we'll still be enjoying our "camper living" for the weekend, until the new rug is in.

I need to find the camera and take some pics.

In other news, I am SO seriously bummed about the whole gay marriage thing. I've bought the Justly Married poster. I sent flowers to a random couple in San Fran. I've written my state legislators, who are in a pissing war over amending the state constitution to ban gay marriage, and have STOPPED business in the House for the past two days. We've got budget problems, and the state is suffering HUGE job losses, and these idiots think the big threat to us is gay marriage? Puhleeze. I sent an email to President Frat Boy. (hmm. wonder what watch list I am on now....) What can I do? This is NOT about gays wanting "special rights" in fact, the people with the special rights are the straight people. The whole issue is important to me, and I feel really, really....impotent. Nothing I do, no letter I send, no poster I buy, no example I set, will make a difference. And that makes me sad. And tired.

that's the news from here....

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