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2004-02-23 - 1:24 p.m.
More renovation

Project living room has commenced....we moved all of our crap into various rooms ( husband actually managed to keep the digital cable and TIVO hooked up) and have a couch/tv viewing area set up in the dining room. All we need are the Bumpus hounds to make our little corner of hillbilly heaven complete. However, I am COMPLETELY psyched, as the living room will be done by the weekend, minus window treatments. Gotta call the carpet cleaners, and we'll be set.

OK--fat lady pissing and moaning ahead: beware.

I gained two pounds this week. Now, that has GOT to be mathematically impossible. Seriously. I didn't go according to Hoyle the entire week. No, I had some cake and mexican food on Saturday. yes, I had too much cake. And I gorged on chips and salsa. All this is true. However, the rest of my week, I was on plan. And I DID NOT eat SEVEN THOUSAND CALORIES worth of cake and chips. Nuh uh.

That crap about weight loss being "simple less than you burn" is bunk. Sorry, but it's not that simple. Else I wouldn't be fricking gaining weight because of one chip and lemon cake orgy.

Anyway. This IS another week. Keep on keepin on and all that crap.

Work is kind of quiet of late. I actually find myself...bored some times. But that will change. It always does.

Tonight we pick up the new car. Car dealers make me nervous. But it will be nice to have a new car and a smaller payment, right?


2 comments so far
Pandionna - 2004-02-23 13:27:17
Salt. Water. That's my guess.
LA - 2004-02-23 15:29:08
THIS is exactly why I don't own a scale. And I've found my weight loss seems to happen in spurts. (At least this diet, previous 'diets' were extended speed-fueled fasts and cannot count as in any way normal results.)Metabolism set-point breakthrough, maybe. In any case, have I told you recently how proud I am of you? You've been kicking butt! Getting the house all done up. Doing that soul sucking job and not letting it win. Becoming a cat mommy. Working out faithfully and eating well. And still being a compassionate and passionate! person. Wow. ~LA
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