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2004-02-05 - 8:12 p.m.
If there's a kind of precipitation, we got it today

So I saw the hooter dr today. Dragged Husband along as well, since the hooters are probably 20% his....he should know when major renovations are taking place.

Bottom line is, we are waiting for insurance to approve it. The surgeon will send in all the info next week, and we will wait. Fingers crossed. He said I'm "borderline" for it being a medical necessity. I guess if it gets turned down, we appeal, and if that gets turned down, I start a boobie fund....

I felt good about the surgeon...he seemed nice, caring, not rushed, he said it's important to him that patients know as much about a procedure as possible. So. We shall see.

The weather is once again craptastic here. It was snowing. Now we have freezing rain. How thrilling is that? Well, we did have an actual sunny day yesterday, so we can't get spoiled, now can we? Part of what is so annoying about winter is the bulk. Everything is a struggle...I feel like that kid in "A Christmas Story" know, the one who got so bundled up he couldn't put his arms down? Today I dropped my sandwich. Then I dropped my cell phone, which went skittering across the parking lot. I've probably dropped my keys three or four times. Ugh. Is it May yet?

Went to spinning class after work. Feel VERY virtuous, even if I did eat Taco Hell for dinner. I LOVE Taco Hell. How wrong is that?


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LA - 2004-02-05 19:30:00
I don't like Taco Hell and Mike loves the stuff. He hardly ever gets to eat there and credits this with why his cholesterol count is normal. ~LA
Michelle - 2004-02-05 19:44:36
Ah, si. The taco salad, she is beautiful, no?
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