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2004-02-03 - 10:31 p.m.
Mutter, mutter, mutter

OK. Now I am REEEEEAAALLLLY over winter. It's cold and now, everything is covered in ice. I fell in the Y parking lot this evening. "Fat lady down! Whoop whoop!" Actually, my ice skating brain took over, and I knew I was going, so instead of stiffening up, I went with it and just touched down a knee. But I'm sure the whole parking lot heard my lusty "Goddammit!"

Yoga tonight was great. For whatever reason, I really got into my practice. It felt good, I kept up, I was able to hold some poses longer than usual...except Balancing Half Moon...that's a toughie. I'll be glad when she has us working on Tree again....

Got home eager to see what the painting crew hath wrought today. Yesterday they put up drywall on the ceiling:

Today they did the trim...too bad you can't see it very well in these pix, since the color is so close to the current wall color, but they did a SPECTACULAR JOB. No runs, no slop...gorgeous. I can't wait to see the color on the's going to look so....classy. (The smeary look on the transom window is actually condensation. That window is original to the house, and when it gets cold, it frosts up)

Poor painters...they get to see me in my cow jammies with my Heat Miser hair first thing in the morning. I'm awakened by the front door opening and one of them shouting "good morning!" I'm so glad we gave them a key.

I never know how to act when I've got painters/plumbers/furnace guys in my house. I AM kind of interested in what they are doing, and would sometimes like to ask general questions. I also want to be accessable if they need to ask me something. But I don't want to hover. So I usually make myself scarce upstairs and figure if they need something, they will holler.


OK..the Janet Jackson boob thing? Sheesh. There is so much to find offensive about the Stupid Bowl, and people focus on that? Like breasts aren't used in every sporting event as sales tools....

And yeah, let's focus on Miss Janet's right mammary while wigs of bigness are telling us that, um, well, we don't think there actually WERE WMD in Iraq. Hello?!??! Priorities, people, priorities.

Gawd. We're a nation full of stupid people with really short attention spans.....

In other news, we have new phones at work, and I am scared of them! They do all sorts of cool tricks, but I'm afraid of inadvertently (sp?) ending the world by pushing the wrong button, so I just hope mine doesn't ring.

Boobie dr appointment is on Thursday morning. Maybe I should take a picture of Miss Janet....I wouldn't mind a set of those. Sans piercing.

And, again, because she is adorable, here's the gratuitous Millie shot:

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LA - 2004-02-04 08:12:19
Mike doesn't mind questions. Most contractors of any sort are glad to explain what and why, if the client is curious/interested and not getting freaky over cost or thinks they know how to do the job BETTER than the pro. "Well my BIL did some plumbing in the Navy during WWI and HE said..." ~LA
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