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2004-02-01 - 9:06 p.m.
Welcome to Colztucky!

OK. Did I just see Janet Jackson's right breast at the end of the halftime show? Because that's what it looked like to me. It's the only part of the Stupid Bowl I saw...I was in the basement taking care of some laundry chores, and Husband was watching the game, so I mosied over for a look at Miss Janet. He was pontificating about "who thought there had to be a big blow out halftime show, blah blah blah", and he totally missed the boob. And since we were not on the TIVO equipped set, there was no going back to confirm that I saw what I thought I saw.

But a lesson to you menfolk....quit yammering your Man Talk, you might see a boobie when you least expect it.

Our house looks like Hilllbilly Heaven. We've got a dining room set on the porch, and all the other furniture crammed into the living room. There's a small path for navigtating the living room, but the whole arrangement has me stressed out. Yes, the painters are coming tomorrow. First they will drywall the ceiling in the dining room, then they will paint. THEN, after the dining room is done, it's on to the living room. It's going to look awesome, but I hate having all my shit crammed in all the wrong places.

Here are the before shots:

This is taken from the living room. The kitchen is through the door on the right.

This is taken looking into the living room, into the Colztucky part of the room. Note the china cabinet still has all its china and crystal. Husband bought some of those "moving men" furniture sliders, and they worked AWESOMELY. We moved the loaded buffet and that china cabinet with nary a chip. I was a little nervous about the china cabinet, but it was smooth as glass. I highly recommend those things. They will make moving the entertainment center a breeze.

I will post progress picture as we move along. We'll be changing the light fixture in the dining room...The one we have now is very...not in keeping with the era of the house. I found one at Home Depot that will look great:

The green accent will pick up the new wall color really nicely.

I had my friend J the artist (whose sig other is our painter) approve my color choices, so I'm feeling pretty confident that we're going to have the place looking pretty decent when it's all over.

If only we could add more closets.

Oh yeah, and just cuz she's so dang cute, here's Millie:

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LA - 2004-02-01 22:25:39
Did I miss the color choices? What are you going with? I've seen that lamp, it's gorgeous! Why does it have to pick up green? I sound like a nitwit, but see, Mike is all house-y again and I'm decorating and getting projects done like mad. I am Paint Chip Girl! I'm allllllll about house stuff and dying to hear more about yours. ~LA
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