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2003-05-16 - 4:15 p.m.
Everything but the kitchen sink.




Husband IMs me today to tell me his house was inspected and the inspector says it needs a new roof.

That would be in addition to the new bathroom (about 5k), and new electricity (about 3k) that we've done to make the stupid place sellable.

I flipped out. No. Uh uh. Nope nope nope. We have put nearly TEN GRAND into this stupid house that's only worth 40 on a good day. AND the buyer offered us nearly 3 grand less than we asked. ON A FORTY GRAND HOUSE. I'm a math moron, but even I can figure the percentages (approximately), and we are stupid to put more into that money pit. If we put a roof on, (and they ain't cheap), we could very well end up with NO PROFIT from this house. The present roof doesn't leak, has no missing shingles, no "soft spots"'s just....old. I ran into the same problem when I bought my house. The insurance company said "OH, old roof, need new one". I did not. I managed to weasel out of a new roof for a year, when I finally replaced it. Our real estate agent is getting bids. I told husband he better call the agent and tell him "Not at that selling price we don't." I mean, come ON, if we put the roof on, which will probably be from 3-5K, that, coupled with our reduction in the sale price, will be a net loss of 6 to 8 grand. I. Don't. Think. So.

And if the little old lady who has made the offer walks over this, then fine. I am sure there is someone else who will buy the place.

I mean, we put on the roof. Then the next person says "Oh, the furnace is old. Replace that". Then the next person doesn't like the old stove. And someone else hates the carpet. And the counters....

Fuck them. My god. It's a house you can live in and feel safe in for LESS THAN FORTY GRAND.

Maybe I was a really stupid buyer. Probably was. But I bought my house, had it inspected, and *I* bought the new water heater. *I* put in the central air. *I* replaced the roof. *I* replaced the dishwasher that leaked clear through to the basement. *I* replaced the carpet in the living room and the floor in the kitchen.

Crap. I've done a lot to my house!

Anyway...I was so furious I think I may have either scared or pissed off my husband. I told him he did NOT want me calling the real estate agent.

And here's what dawned on me. WE are the ones in the power seat. The little old lady wants the house. We own the house. If we do some kind of negotiating, she may very well play ball just because she wants the house. C'mon...after you put the offer in, and it's accepted...admit've already decided where the couch is going to go, and how to arrange the bedrooms.....right?

As this space...

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