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2003-03-19 - 6:06 p.m.

OK, I'm irked now. Only a mild irk, but still.

We're doing our fundraiser now. I get to stay here tonight to wait for the war to start. (seriously) I get to be on the air pitching during the day when NOTHING HAPPENS. The phone may as well be unplugged. When it gets exciting, I get booted so the manager can play and be a part of the excitement. Don't get me wrong...I love my boss most of the time. And I'm only a little miffed. It's the general principle. I can do all the funder grunt work, pitching and whining and begging during the dead time in the middle of the afternoon, but when the phones get going, I'm sent out to play.

On the good side, I can sit here and goof around.

On the bad side, I'm here until 9 if war doesn't start, and later if it does.

In other news...there's not much else. I'll be damn glad when this drive is over, whether by actually finishing, or by war. I REALLLLLY hate this.

Husband made dinner last night, and he was just so dang cute. He's not a chef, by any means, and he gets quite flustered by cooking a real meal. But it was delicious, and he done good. I plan to encourage this behavior...

Now...I'm going to dig into a giant cinnamon roll...

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