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2003-03-18 - 8:31 a.m.
What's goin' on

Wow. I was just sitting here, minding my own beeswax after breakfast, when I felt INCREDIBLY ill. Like nausea ill. Whaddup with that?? Luckily, I have a little while to sit around the house and sip water before I have to go in to work. But it's freaky.

And no, it's NOT morning sickness.

In world news---what has our president got us into? This isn't going to be good. Look for more terrorist attacks in the US, thankyouverymuch, brought to you by GW. OK, I understand the whole "Saddam is an evil, dangerous man" stuff. I do. But to me, a GIANT red flag is that the whole rest of the WORLD is against us. We are the cheese standing alone. Except for Poland and Austraila, at last count. I just cannot believe this. Maybe that's why I feel sick. This is going to be a Bad Thing. And can we please remember that there's a lot of stuff in the US that is going to SHIT while GW plays tough guy? How are we going to PAY for this war stuff?

UGH. Frustrates me to no end. And I'm sure his little reassurances to the Iraqui people will be heeded.

Hyeah, right. That country has a steady diet of how much we suck and how evil we are. They aren't going to welcome us with open arms, despite presidential platitudes.

Now, lemme say this--this is MY journal. I'm not a poli sci major. So this is my OPINION. Just as valid as anyone's OPINION. So please don't decide that you need to leave me messages about how unAmerican I am. Because unless you're a poli sci scholar, your opinion is just as much a pull it outta your butt opinion as mine is.

And one more disclaimer: I support our armed forces. I don't want any of them to die, which seems to me is easier to accomplish if we aren't in war, but what do I know? If they go into battle, I want them to be able to do it right and get home safely.

But I still think war is a mistake.

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