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2003-03-13 - 2:04 p.m.

Yes. FOUR TIMES I had to RESTART a computer file transfer thingy because people WOULDN'T QUIT INTERRUPTING ME. ARGH. It's not like anyone was telling me that the building was on fire, or their limbs were all broken with compound fractures, or that there was a lion in the hallway. It was little bullshit interruptions that made me have to restart my transfer of twenty six files over FOUR TIMES. (It was because every time I was interrupted, I lost track of what I was naming things and where I was in the process)

Only four days back from vacation until I'm homicidal again. Might be a new record.

Oh. S'pose you want an update of husband in doghouse, eh? Well, I love the big doofus, so nothing is ever fatal. I sulked, he FINALLY, when we'd climbed into bed, asked "are we fighting?" We talked. *I* talked. Poor man doesn't understand. He just doesn't. He tries, but he can't, I don't think. But his desire to make me happy overrides his inability to really grok where I am coming from on this. However, we had a small breakthrough, when he finally said "I dumped her, I feel like the least I can do is take her stuff back to her".

Well halleluia! At least we have an admission of some kind of residual feeling.

What will probably happen: He will call about her stuff. We are going to her city for a nephew's birthday in the next few weeks. He or we will take her stuff to her. Then I am DONE.

Anyway...must get back to work now....have a buttload of stuff to do and the evil drive begins tomorrow. Please god, let me live through the next ten days. Really. I don't know how I am going to make it. I don't.

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