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2003-03-07 - 4:14 p.m.
Waaah. It's ending.

It's winding down, my week as a hausfrau. I will miss it.

There's so much to get done around the house, and weekends just don't afford the time to do those things. And after working all week, I don't want to spend the weekend on scullery duty, yanno?

Yesterday....yesterday we moved a couch out of Husband's house, and took a freezer from my parents' house to ours. It's plugged in and working great as of now....hooray. In the midst of all this moving stuff around, I was on the cell phone with work because of impending doom and gloom. I talked DQ through getting the special Blix programming running today, and we made some programming decisions about the President's press conference last night.

Then yesterday afternoon, we had a meeting with a financial planner. She's gonna have kittens when she sees my debt load at our next meeting. I felt generally good about the meeting, though. I like to have A Plan.

Today I slept in a bit, puttered, did laundry, cleaned out the freezer compartment of the fridge, dusted and vacuumed the living room. So the house is mostly decent. I figured I'd aim for mostly decent, because the in laws are in town, and while we are meeting them for dinner, I don't wanna chance them stopping by the house while it looks like a crack den.

Of course, going out to eat sends my stomach into flip flops. I'm going to need to take a handful of Imodium before we leave, I am sure.

What has been kind of troubling to me is that I am finding that I am perfectly happy never leaving my house. OK, never might be a strong statement, but really....for the most part I am hap hap happy here, just noodling around. I could clean closets for the next 3 months, so there's no trouble staying busy. OH, I suppose I'd get bored after awhile, and start recreationally shopping. But I'd love more time here, I think.

But thinks look like they will just get busier at work. Fund drive is next week. (Shoot me now) And it looks like we're gonna have a war. The war stuff scares me. I think the President is making a mistake. This is going to be bad and ugly and I'm worried. And going against the UN, IMO, is setting a bad precedent. We are going to be the cheese standing alone. That can't be good.


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