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2003-03-02 - 5:03 p.m.
Still Brrrrrr

Have I mentioned how SICK I am of the cold? I have? Hm. I guess I repeat myself.

Yesterday, we went out to the Home and Garden Show. Us and about a billion other people. UGH. It was so crowded you really couldn't stop at booths and ask questions, you just had to keep moving with the pack. We did make an appointment for porcelain refinishers to redo the tub at Husband's house. (AKA The Albatross) That's the last BIG thing that requires outside help. We also touched base with a contractor about the front we've got two people we can call when it's time to redo the porch. I think that day will come when the snow melts and the house is sold. God, I hope that is SOON.

Also ordered credit reports/FICO scores from MyFICO. We are going to have a meeting with a financial planner in the next couple of weeks. Husband is in MUCH better shape than I, both debt wise and FICO score wise. But I think if we take another year and I can get my poop in a group financially, I should be in better shape. It's really scary to see all your debts and payment history right there...boom. The good thing is that I've never been late on the house or the car. Bad thing is, I have been late on someother stuff, AND I have WAY the hell too much unsecured debt. It kind of makes me feel sick. And like a bad person. I hope the financial planner woman doesn't curl her lip in disgust at me. Despite my high debt, I'm still putting away 6% of my salary in my 403B. That's something, right? (Too bad the stock market sucks so badly that the 403B is worth 2k less than I've put in.....)

Went to see The Life of David Gale today. Good movie. Interesting twists at the end. I liked it. I know Roger Ebert gave it NO stars, but, whatever.

We then went to PetSmart and spent WAY too much on those ingrate cats. Cat toys should say on their lables "provides moments of curious sniffing for your pet", because ours sure as hell don't PLAY with them....grrr. We bought another litter box and two more cat beds. At least the litter box will get used.....

No work tomorrow woo hoo woo hoo! Might do some hausfrau stuff. I plan to be Good Wife and cook dinner more this week.

Sleepy now. Too bad it's too late for a nap. Or is it?

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Andria - 2003-03-03 00:55:42
I just adopted a four year old cat...are there any toys your cats do play with that I could get him? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks. :)
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