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2002-09-29 - 12:06 p.m.

Wheeee! I hesitate to use the phrase "it's over", because the important part is just beginning.

Yesterday we got married, and it went off without a hitch. (unless you count a unity candle that wouldn't light, which gave us our funny story to remember as the years go on...)

And I'm writing about it now, before we pack up and leave for our honeymoon, because I don't want to forget things. I'm already forgetting things.

The weather was GORGEOUS. Sunny, blue sky, not too warm, and a BREEZE. It. Was. PERFECT. Weather. We all arrived at the church on time...except my sister, who had my dress. So we were chatting, relaxing, whatever. Finally, the dress arrived, and it was time for pictures. We did pictures for a couple of hours, then had time to relax a bit before the wedding. I got out of the dress and went to the bathroom....I think my biggest fear was that I'd have to pee once I got in the dress.

(here's where I put in a plug for getting pictures done ahead of time. We had a moment alone when he first saw me for pictures, and it was very sweet and special. And I think it lessens the tension. And it is SO GREAT to have them DONE when it's time for the reception!)

I wasn't nervous at all...thought I would be. My main thought as I waited for the bridesmaids to go down the aisle was "hurry! I want my turn!" I was so excited to see so many people I hadn't seen in ages as I came down the aisle, I didn't get scared or sad or anything.

The ceremony (what I remember of it...I wish I had a copy of the vows...)was very nice. The unity candle wouldn't light, and we forgot to kneel, but that's ok. The pastor said that was the first time in 160 weddings that the candle didn't light. And he took the blame for the kneeling, because he forgot to tell us to. WE almost forgot to the Lutheran Church, they don't do that "You may now kiss the bride" stuff...we just do it before we turn around.

One really special moment was as we came out of the church...everyone was gathered around with bubbles and noisemaker horns, making noise and clapping....I stayed there a little longer, trying to hold onto that moment when we were at the top of the steps, looking at all those smiling faces.

Since the reception was only a couple of blocks from the church, we led guests in a little parade, which was a lot of fun. (But my shoes were bad! Bad shoes!) I heard several people comment that many women were full of "awwwwww, look at that" when they saw that Beloved was carrying my train as we walked.

My biggest stress moments came at the beginning of the reception, when people kept asking me what to do, what was going on, etc. But then we chilled out a little, mingled, ate, danced, and it was a great party. People had so much fun. The wish dance was a great success....we have lots of fun little cards from our guests, and we got to dance with and chat with folks as well.

When we got to the room, I made Beloved go out for a cheeseburger..I was STARVING. I pulled the pins out of my hair, and after we had our Burger King, we took a nice bath in the giant tub, and talked about our day.

It really did whiz by so fast. At the reception, I was SO tired, and my feet hurt so much, but while I wanted it to be over, I didn't, because it was such a nice evening, and when it was done, it would be done.

So. We're home for a few hours, then onto the honeymoon. Thanks for all the kind wishes, especially from Vox. I think part of the reason things went so well was is because we had so many people thinking good thoughts, toasting us, or remembering us in prayers.

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